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coll01The Decade collection is not only a celebration of ten fulfilling years designing beautiful statement pieces of jewellery, but a desire to embrace the bold and the feminine; the soft and the angular the strong and yet delicate resulting in a perfectly balanced aesthetic that is unmistakably Slink. This time collaborating with former model and fashion PR prodigy, Claudia Barattolo, Slink reveals a range of knuckle rings, earrings, ear-cuffs, choker-necklaces and both bracelets and slave bracelets, introducing a modern attitude apparent in Barattolo’s unique street meet uber glamorous style resulting in a daring and progressive collection. The designs look particularly striking in black rhodium gold and silver, studded with white and black diamonds.

coll02Anita Chellaram has collaborated with Slink to launch a collection of jewellery for Spring Summer 2014. This is a first for Chellaram, who is synonymous with elegant, edgy and yet exceedingly comfortable yoga wear under her brand Soham. The outcome is coveted aesthetic consisting of bracelets, necklaces and charms, displaying a range that is both playful and nostalgic with a spiritual influence…Each piece is delicate with an emphasis on diamond pave symbols, such the OM bracelet that denotes the primordial sound from which the whole universe arose; both the Hamsa hand and evil eye bracelets provide protection for the wearer. The collaboration reveals a collection that is wearable, feminine and beautifully crafted, in resonance with Slink’s enduring style.

coll03Nathan Jenden collaborated with Slink Jewellery to launch a collection for his Spring Summer 2009 Show at London Fashion Week. The range delivered an original look consisting of earrings and hairpieces, displaying Jenden’s trademark fusion of elegance and modernity in a classic colour palette with an emphasis on black gold, studded with semi-precious white or pink topaz stones. This attitude combined with a directional approach apparent in the ‘Slink Trademark’ of gold cutwork designs, truly inspired an audacious collection with a tough elegance for a forward thinking, ‘Avant Garde’ woman of today. It has been said that the hairpieces in the form of iridescent gold bows are perfect to adorn the head of an ‘Urban Princess’. The iconic designs continue to feature alongside Slink’s signature collections.