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“A little Slink glitter is bound to put you in the mood no matter how hard you’ve been partying. Brainchild of old friends Lakshmi Gulab and Kiran Bharwani…were destined to end up designing together because ‘they always made a bee-line for the same dress when out shopping’…” Dolly Jones, Vogue

Launched in 2004 by childhood friends Lakshmi Gulab and Kiran Bharwani, Slink the brand was born when their creative collaboration on a small collection resulted in numerous orders from friends. By 2005 Slink had established itself in cult jewellery stores around the globe, and counted stylist Rachel Zoe as an early fan, when she consistently chose the brand for clients.

Slink’s early collections were a reflection of the places Lakshmi and Kiran had lived including England, Japan, India and Hong Kong. Signature pieces at that time included oriental inspired items in hand cut gold, deco designs of onyx and jade as well as pieces influenced by antique Indian jewellery owned by their mothers. Each collection was infused with elements that reflected their cultural background and nomadic lifestyles, as well as their desire to create unique, unequivocally wearable, statement pieces of jewellery.

“Jewellery is a more personal investment,” says Kiran. “For many women each piece they wear is a reminder of a place they have been, a person they love or a significant event in their life. Wearing an unusual piece in their own way really defines their style.”

2009 saw a collaboration with British fashion designer Nathan Jenden which produced provocative catwalk jewels that were both bold and feminine. Created in a classic colour palette with an emphasis on black gold, studded with semi-precious stones ranging from pink sapphires to white topaz. Jenden inspired Slink to create an audacious collection with a tough elegance for a fusion of style and modernity.

Kiran and Lakshmi continue to be influenced by the people they meet, the places they live as well as their world travels, which is reflected in Slink’s ever changing and expanding line. Traditional materials such as pearls are given a modern twist while new silhouettes and colours see micro-pave diamond tusks sitting alongside agate earrings of the deepest red, a play on the colours of Africa’s shimmering waterfalls, scorching sun and desert plains.

“We want women to spoil themselves,” says Lakshmi. “Our themes are continually evolving and this inspires us to remain creative and exciting even when using more conventional materials.” And with a celebrity clientele that includes Sienna Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, it would seem that fashionable women agree.